The higher the hair, the closer to God…

Not gonna lie. I’m an 80s child. One of my fondest memories of that ridiculous decade it teased, voluptuous hair (I’ll forgo the frosted tips!) And judging by the current state of my hair, it would take years of therapy to erase that fondness. Much quicker, and cheaper, is just to embrace the monster that has been created. Not a small feat, considering my waist-length, thick hair isn’t always compliant. Root boosters make it crunchy and greasy, and and gel is just wrong. WRONG…
Lo and behold, texturizing hair powder!! UNREAL!!! It gives my hair the desired volume (muahaha!) without any of the other side effects…BRILLIANT!!! 🙂 Aaaaaaand, it absorbs any potential oiliness! Bonus!
Two of my faves happen to be Osis Dust it! and Schwarzkopf Powder’full. Other than the price (Osis $22ish, Powder’full $6.99ish) I see no difference, considering Osis is also made by Schwarzkopf 🙂 Pretty sure that Osis is available only at salons (hence the price) or Venus Beauty supply for us pros. And, Powder’ll is available across the board, Walmart being the cheapest…
Easy there though, a little goes a loooooonnng way! For a subtler effect, I put mine in wet hair, and for more Texas-like oomph into dried hair…throw in a little teasing for the effect, and I’m practically DIVINE!

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  1. Marta
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 18:55:04

    Magda! You know how much I like volume !!! (as evident by my epic-fail of a tease the other day ). This powder you speak of… I will have to get my manicured hands on it 🙂


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