A brow raising rant…

Ok, I’m about to, unapologetically, use today’s post as a rant/therapy session. There. Consider yourself warned! πŸ˜›
During one of my recent shopping escapades, I’ve noticed there are a LOT of people out there with some reeeeaaalllly gnarly brows. Which, for me, brings a wise, age old saying to mind: WTF?! ?It completely infuriates me (steam coming out of ears and all πŸ˜› ) to see some of the ridiculousness out there…
Sure, we’ve seen various offenders in this category. Whether from neglect, like this specimen

Or, over zealous plucking like this one here

Neither one produces a desirable effect. I just can’t fully grasp why people would willingly aspire for the “deer in headlights” perma-surprised effect?!?Β  On the other hand, brows neglected enough to the point where they obstruct your vision aren’t great either.Β  There’s a fine line (pun completely intended πŸ™‚ ) between proper grooming and completely distorting the natural shape of the brow. This is the one feature that can single-handedly change the complete appearance of your face. Thin, overplucked brows can make your face appear fuller than it actually is.Β  Take this for example:

See?!? Your brows should be framing your eyes subtly, without distracting from your other features ( If you can’t stop staring at someone’s brows during conversation, chances are SOMETHING’S off! πŸ˜› ) Ones in proportion will begin at the inner corner, hit their highest point over the iris and finish at a 45 degree angle from the outer corner. This can be achieved through various methods, tweezing being the easiest.Β  If you’re gonna attempt this one on your own, take a white eyeliner and outline the shape you’re aiming for while standing a bit away from the mirror.Β  This will give you a better perception than looking up close.Β  And, never, ever free hand it in a magnifying mirror!!! You’re bound to look like Joan Rivers.

Recently, I’ve been hearing that waxing may not be the best approach as it tugs on the delicate skin surrounding the eye and may lead to sagging over time. Ugh, can’t have that, which is why I’ve switched to threading. Pretty impressed, I must say! Threading definitely eliminates the post waxing swelling and redness…
Also, for you ladies with fairer arches, tinting may be an enticing option. It gives definition and can really make a huge, yet subtle difference…Brows tend to lose colour as we age (and in the sun!) so tinting them might give you a sharper (read: youger looking πŸ™‚ ) appearance…

With the various emotions raised eyebrows can convey, let your well groomed ones do all the talking… πŸ™‚

Which method do you prefer to groom your brows, if any?

P.S. Formore on eyebrows, check out this post from Alicia at Funny Face Beauty


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