This speaks volumes, L’Oreal!

Do you remember in the 80s when the first Walkmans came out and everyone thought they were the coolest thing EVER!? And then the 90s introduced us to Discmans, an improvement on  the original concept? No way could this possibly get any better, so we thought…Lo and behold! The 2000s graced us with iPods and mp3 players.  Far superior to the original wonder…

This, my friends, is exactly how I feel about L’Oreal Voluminous mascara 🙂

My love affair initially began with that grey little tube of wonder.  The texture, the brush, the colour! All traits to be desired.  This original diamond in the rough already had an upper hand on some of the department store brand ( I’m talking to you, Mr. Dior!).  Providing ample volume AND length, it was a dream come true. And it only got better from here…

As someone who looooooves dark, thick lashes (yes, I’m THAT girl! :P), version 2.O was a much welcomed tweak!  L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, really kicked it up a notch, giving that dramatic, soot-y look…not for the shy and subtle 🙂  And the brush? Oh, the brush…separation, magnification and lengthening, a winning trifecta!  Pretty sure I’ve personally boosted the L’Oreal shares from the repeated purchases of this alone.  This is my personal go-to, as well as for clients, as it never flakes and wears like a champ…

You can only imagine the squeal of joy when I feasted my eyes on the newest addition to this series, L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.  For someone that dabbles in falsies (there, I said it! 🙂 ), this was a dream come true!  All of the above PLUS the appearance of falsies minus the work.  That’s one equation I can follow. 🙂  Suspended within this formula are actual fibres that adhere to your natural lashes increasing their length and volume! Though it may not stop global warming, research money well spent, L’Oreal, I say!

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before L’Oreal improves yet again on this gem, and you can be sure I’ll be keeping my voluminously lashed eyes peeled 😛

Ladies, are you lovin’ this as much as I am? Let me know…


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