Seeing things rosy…

It’s Wednesday. I know a lot of you lovely ladies wear pink, but as we’ve seen here I don’t. Can I has pink eye instead? No, not the kind readily spread by snotty first graders! This kind…

MAC Painterly– lid primer

Joe Fresh Vintage Pink-lid colour (are you starting to see a pattern here? 😛 )

MAC Cranberry– crease

Nars Mandchourie (the darker one)-crease

MAC Naked Lunch-inner corner, brow highlight

Yves Rocher Waterproof liner in Black-upper lashline

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Andrea 21 lashes

My first endeavours into this new realm of pink happened when i fell in love with MAC Cranberry, and realized how much it accentuates my eye colour. The only word of caution, ladies, when working with anything with red undertones is to be careful when putting it near your waterline. It will immensely amplify any redness you already have in your eye…
The way to make something this bright wearable, as we learned here, is to pair it with a neutral. I used a greyish navy (navy is KINDA neutral, no? 😛 ) in the crease and the bottom lash line. Normally I’m not a big fan of a harsh black line along the lash line, but in this case I think it adds structure to the whole look and anchors it quite well…

Sporting such colourfulness today, the world took on a completely different hue… 😛

So ladies, are you also feeling adventurous today?


Birds of a feather…

Hi, my name is Magda and I have an addiction. To makeup that is! So much so that when I see the various wonders nature has to offer the first thing that comes to mind is “How can I take this concept and translate it into makeup?!?” Take peacock feathers for example. The average person sees the unbelievable melange of rich, saturated jewel tones. I see an eye “look” 😛 . Yeah, it’s THAT bad…
So, when I recently saw these magnificent feathers popping up all over the runways and in accessories, I figured it must be a sign! 🙂 I MUST recreate! Aaaaaannnd….voila!


MAC Painterly-lid primer

Joe Fresh Peacock-lid colour

Kat Von D Johnette-outer lid

MAC Bronze-crease

MAC Coppering-inner corner    * I’m not a 100% sure on this, as all my shadows are depoted and the name is gone 🙂

Nars liner in Campo de’Fiori-inner corner

MAC liner in Teddy-upper lashline and lower waterline

L’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara

Andrea 21 lashes


I’m a big fan of jewel tones to start with, so putting them together only seemed like a natural progression. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a Saturday-morning-Home-Depot-shopping kinda look, but in the proper setting it’s quite stunning! It being Hallowe’en today, the opportunity is definitely there to test drive it…

And if you ask me, these colours flock together quite well… 😛

Ladies, what do you take inspiration from when it comes to makeup?

Holy Smokes!!!

During my recent fashion reading endeavours, I stumbled across the October cover of People Stylewatch which caught my eye in a mayjah way. It features Mila Kunis with the most incredible, yet subtle, eye makeup. She’s wearing a plumey-greyish smokey eye, which has become eponymous with her lately. Love, love, love this look! In my eyes, Mila can do no wrong makeup wise.(*cough*… girl crush… *cough*) 😛 Whether it’s this particular look, or something a bit more sultry, she always looks chic and never tacky, like some other celebs! ( Kim Kardashian….who said that?!?)

As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, sooo….Here’s my take on it!


Surprisingly, this is fairly easy to reproduce! As always, I used MAC Painterly to prime my lids, and followed it with MAC Sketch applied with a fluffy dome brush. In the crease I applied Joe Fresh Smoke ( Joe, how I love thee! 🙂 ). Next, I tightlined both lash lines with Yves Rocher waterproof liner, and smoked it out with MAC Smut. Highlighted the brow bone and inner corners with MAC Brulee, followed by a generous amount of L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black applied to curled lashes. Topped it of with Andrea 21 lashes….and, PRESTO! 🙂 For those with greenish eyes (like myself) this will make your eye colour pop incredibly! I definitely use this as my “go to” when going out and such.
Simple,right?!? Like I said, when it comes to makeup, it’s not all smoke and mirrors…:)

So, let me know, is this something you’d try? 🙂

My love affair with Joe…

Now, now ladies. Before we get images of tall, dark and handsome dancing in our heads, let me clarify. The Joe in question here is the one in JoeFresh. I first came across this fantastic Canadian line about 3 years ago when it first launched. And still I have nothing but praise for it! The first thing that caught my eye was the Peach lip stain, and we have been inseparable since! (More on that later…) My latest endeavour, however, has been their eyeshadows. Richly pigmented with fantastic pay off, these come in a myriad of colours. My fave de jour has been Rosewood. I’m normally a sucker for burgundy/plum shadow, but this is UNREAL!!! It’s a warm, red-toned plum with a subtle multi-coloured glitter…ALL IN ONE! Excited yet?!? Usually I bypass anything with glitter in fear of looking like something on the pages of “People of Wal-mart”, but this is subtle enough and only makes itself known when light hits it at the right angle. So far, I’ve used it in a smokey eye, as well as a primary lid colour. Well blended, mind you. Not too sure whether its part of their permanent line-up, but regardless, it’s definitely worth picking up as it’s super versatile. And at $4 each (3 for $10!!!) these are a steal!

Artificial light: unprimed, primed                              Natural light: primed, unprimed
As you can see, priming it really intensifies the colour. Again, excuse the picture quality as I’m a novice…However, judging by this latest encounter, I have a funny feeling I’ll be seeing Joe for a while! 🙂