My love affair with Joe…

Now, now ladies. Before we get images of tall, dark and handsome dancing in our heads, let me clarify. The Joe in question here is the one in JoeFresh. I first came across this fantastic Canadian line about 3 years ago when it first launched. And still I have nothing but praise for it! The first thing that caught my eye was the Peach lip stain, and we have been inseparable since! (More on that later…) My latest endeavour, however, has been their eyeshadows. Richly pigmented with fantastic pay off, these come in a myriad of colours. My fave de jour has been Rosewood. I’m normally a sucker for burgundy/plum shadow, but this is UNREAL!!! It’s a warm, red-toned plum with a subtle multi-coloured glitter…ALL IN ONE! Excited yet?!? Usually I bypass anything with glitter in fear of looking like something on the pages of “People of Wal-mart”, but this is subtle enough and only makes itself known when light hits it at the right angle. So far, I’ve used it in a smokey eye, as well as a primary lid colour. Well blended, mind you. Not too sure whether its part of their permanent line-up, but regardless, it’s definitely worth picking up as it’s super versatile. And at $4 each (3 for $10!!!) these are a steal!

Artificial light: unprimed, primed                              Natural light: primed, unprimed
As you can see, priming it really intensifies the colour. Again, excuse the picture quality as I’m a novice…However, judging by this latest encounter, I have a funny feeling I’ll be seeing Joe for a while! 🙂